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Anirudh Ranganathan, PhD


Anirudh completed his PhD studies within biochemistry (and bioinformatics) in the lab of Jens Carlsson at Stockholm University. During his time in academia, he was primarily focused on applying computational techniques with the aim of using the FBLD paradigm to identify novel GPCR ligands. He also focused on using these approaches to further understand the complex process of GPCR signaling. Anirudh has now founded his own entity that strives to bring efficiency at the early stages of drug-discovery.

Anirudh also possesses a masters in molecular science from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from Chennai, India. He also has prior experience within the engineering industry and has consulted internationally.

H. Sivaramakrishnan, PhD

Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Sivaramakrishnan brings with him more than 30 years of medicinal chemistry experience in the pharma sector including various senior management roles within the industry. A distinguished career has seen him feature in Marquis’s “who-is-who” in science. Additionally, he is a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) and a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Within pharma, he has a wide range of experience and expertise in areas such as oncology, inflammation, and metabolic disorders. He has filed a number of drug master files (DNFs) and Investigative New Drug (IND) applications.

Dr. Siva completed his PhD in Synthetic organic chemistry from Canada, and had postdoctoral stints at the University of Pennsylvania, and Universite de Montreal. He also has a diploma in management from the University of Mumbai and has served as PhD advisor to students from multiple universities. We are incredibly proud to have Dr. Siva on board.

Mirco Michel, PhD


Dr. Mirco Michel is an expert in machine learning and template-free protein structure prediction. Mirco completed his PhD in 2017 in the group of Prof. Arne Elofsson at the Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm. He was involved in a multiple projects within bioinformatics and has an excellent publication record. He has also been deeply involved in teaching at various levels. Mirco would be adding his valuable expertise and experience in challenging structure-prediction scenarios within our drug discovery projects. We are thrilled to have Mirco as a collaborator.