Molecular Jigsaws @ Quest Compbio

Early-stage drug design meets efficiency via computational biology

What is this all about?

What we strive to do within the company is harness the large amount of computational power that is available currently, in order to tackle the complex landscape that characterizes early-stage drug discovery efforts. Using target-specific protocols, a talented team will look to weave together diverse techniques to yield novel lead compounds with desirable properties.

About Us

Started August 2017. Main goal – to provide cuttingedge computational biology pipelines to address challenging problems in drug discovery.


The molecular complexity argument

The molecular complexity argument

This is a post that introduces the idea of molecular complexity and FBLD.
Target druggability

Target druggability

How does one really assess druggability of a particular target?
Free energy perturbation

Free energy perturbation

This post deals with the free energy perturbation technique.

For investors

We are currently looking to raise capital through a funding exercise. Please do get in touch if the idea is of interest to you Contact.


One of the goals while setting up the company is to bring together expertise from all over the world to work on challenging problems in drug discovery. If you are interested in collaborating on a project, do get in touch.

Internship opportunities

If you want to hone your skills in computational biology, there are a number of funded and unfunded internship positions available within the company Contact.